The Dunce Cap: A giant radio tower owned by Wideband Communications.  Some people believe The Dunce Cap is the source of the Turquoise Hum.
The Fire Ant: Stowaway on a Brazilian cargo ship, landing in Mobile, Alabama in 1930.  The Fire Ant's ability to quickly organize and attack in swarms has made it the dominant ant throughout the Americas.
Sacred Geometry Crystal: Believed to be a powerful tool of healing that can change one form of energy to another.  North Central New Mexico is the center of the world in "crystal healing".
Lou Sweeney: Fringe radio announcer gone missing after an infamous broadcast about "The Demon Queen of Shuberville"
Mound Building Termites: Perhaps the first creatures ever to form a society, appearing on earth more than 180 million years ago.  Termite mounds contain soil from so far beneath the surface that they can be studied for indicators of potential gold and diamond deposits.
Peter Gerrard: English naturalist who disappeared while cataloging the insect life in what is now Turquoise, New Mexico.  His final correspondence with the world was a handwritten letter covered in strange spiral sketches.
Safe Cracking For Fun And Profit: "Things are put into safes because the world wants them, and the owner doesn't want to share..."
Liberty Pest Control: Mysterious group given complete control of huge sections of downtown Turquoise in order to solve the city's rat problem.